Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Auutomobile Insurance is important

Why automobile insurance is important

If you are a car or truck owner or driver, you are exposed to risks. If you are a business owner and has a fleet, your risks are even higher. Risks like accidents causing damages to your own or other's car or truck, damages to properties, injuries to yourself, your passengers, drivers and passengers of other cars, trucks or motorcycles, cyclists or pedestrians. It may or may not be your fault, but finacial implications can be great. You may need to repair the damages to your own car or is liable to repair damges of other cars or properties, people involved in the accident and sustained injuries will need medical treatments which may involve huge expanses. If someone is killed, the financial implications are even higher, especially if it is a high income earner.

Because of such risks, it is wise to get automobile insurance. In most (I think all) countries, automobile insurance is important because a car owner or driver who is found liable to very high damages may be unable to pay, and the aggrived party or parties cannot get what is due to them.

Types of automobile insurance

There are many types of car insurance. comprehensive automobile insurance, third party, fire and theft, third party insurance and specialized car insurance of all kinds. It is usually the third party car insurance that is compulsory as it covers only damages and injuries to third party and is usually the cheapest for obvious reasons. It does not cover damages to your own car or injuries to the drive or passengers.

How to chose and buy automobile insurance policy

Considering the many types of car insurance, the number of insurance companies and their reputations, the conditions and the premium you have to pay for them, getting the right car insurance policy can be a hassle. To me, the best way to shop for, compare and purchase Automobile Insurance Policies is at home, online at the computer. You can comfortably get an auto insurance quotes, make comparisons and make your decision. If you are cost concious, you may want to try to get the best car insurance quotes.


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